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What happens when your gameplay doesn't record? SIMPLE! Make a short story yourself with GOOGLE IMAGES! 😅😅

Come see how that went for THE BOOK

That was a different playthrough :D Thanks!


huh. no.

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Very good, liked the atmosphere and wished that it lasted a bit longer. I mostly just didn't like the ending, but otherwise it was great.

Thanks bro, I know it was with some cheap jumpscares, but still learning :)

This game ran really bad for me but it might just be my pc, who knows...

For some its fine for others its not :) Will add settings in next game, for those that needs the lower settings.

Thank you! I look forward to playing this when I get back home to my better computer!

really love this game!! Please check out my play through below x 

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it!


Interesting game, definitely a lot better than most short indies on here.

Your game was pretty dang good! Enjoyed it very much! Its the first one in this video. 

This was very good overall. the sound design worked really well even if the arm jump scares were trying to hard. good game.

I know you have a TON of people commenting. But this was pretty cool mang. GJ! Made you a lil video for your lil game < 3 : 

This was a good time! Considering this was something of a learning exercise, I really enjoyed it. Spooks, atmosphere, good visuals. I'll be following along to see what comes next :)

Very well done! I very much enjoyed this game. looking forward to more, Max! :D

this game was really good overally check out my video on it :)

Max is That Guy!!!

This game hit me with like 10 jumpscares instantly lol. Great game max horror is goated on

This was really good with the spooks and scares! The atmosphere was fantastic and really set me on edge. I also love how the instructions for how to play were just floating on the wall, nice touch!

Thanks man, and thanks for the video! :)

No problem!!

For your first game you did a good job Max! I had a little issue with the event triggering in the bathroom then i got stuck behind the bathroom door haha! But apart from that nice short horror and would like to see what you do next.


hehe yea you are not the first one to get stuck behind the bathroom door :) sorry about that.

haha! was definitely worth the laugh

i quit.. reading

Reading is bad!

Very fun and scary game Max! Can't wait to see what you do next 

Thank you!

Very interesting game. I loved the atmosphere and sound design. Very fun playthrough

Thanks for playing and for the video!


First time in a while playing a horror game... It was soooo scary! I was literally sweaty after finishing lol Very good job, Max! Also, love your channel! 

hehe thanks bro :)

Awesome short horror game

Glad you enjoyed it!

I featured this in my video - 13:06 


Thanks buddy!

First of all, the name “Max Horror” is fantastic. I had a lot of fun with this game, a few minor issues but those are more gameplay things than actual story/pacing issues and therefore didn’t ruin the fun at all. I loved some of the details (the storm outside the window, the super concerning warning poster in the secretary’s office), this was neat and - most of all - not boring, because it changed things up constantly. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


Thanks so much!

Awesome game but to short.


:) this was fun to play!

Thanks man

GUYS...OK... MAX... lmao this game was actually great, the graphics were on point, the jumpscares weren't overdone but just enough to scare the shi* out of me.. only thing is.. i wish there was more story aspects in the game, like where you found the book, what its about maybe more dialogue, other than that this was a masterpiece too short for me too lmao. Great job Max :)

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This was honestly.. One of the best horror games I've played on here. It looked really well, sounded just as great, was super smooth and the scares were well timed and unexpected enough to be spooky.

The game looks fantastic; the shadows and light really make it a spooky and freaky environment and the sounds enhance this with the occasional increase in ambient music to remind the player that they are in a spooky situation. 

The scares were well times and were smooth, and even looked good! Which makes this game stand above a lot others. The hospital was really a good environment and you made the room layout well for the jump scares. Was honestly surprised when there was more to explore after opening the door in the dark hallway.

You even put an animated sky and put more of the hospital outside to see from the window. Not many may notice it, but the fact you put those there shows that you payed attention to detail and tried your very best, which really pays off!

The story could have been slightly better, (Also I noticed the sneaky 'foreshadowing' you had in the office where it said that contagious people must be kept under lock, and then in the hallway, there was an 'infected' person locked there.) as the the book (which the game is named after) is a very minor thing in the game itself and things don't really seem to be connected or make sense but it was still well enough and was executed well because of the environment and the things that were happening.

Honestly had a lot of fun playing, this game was really, really well done. Congrats on it, and good luck for future projects!

Thanks so much for the nice Comment Lucifer my friend :) very suited name for the game aswell hehe

Thanks for the video aswell.

Good game.  Kinda wish there were a few more scares leading up to the end but on the whole I enjoyed it. Nice job Max Horror

Hello! I really enjoyed this i liked the ambiance and story of it. It reminded me of the older horror games and was really good since your just starting on these types of games!

Thanks! :)

Nice job! got a couple good jump scares from me!

Thank you! :)

Nice game

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!


Crazy Night For This Bold Janitor.. Great Game Max Horror!

Thanks friend, and thanks for the video!

thank you for the game!


Thanks bro!

Cool game for a first-time project. I liked the intro with the intense music - it felt like the beginning of a horror movie. The scene in the bathroom and the door in the hallway got me pretty good. I'm now curious to know more about the book, its origins and the evil presence attached to it. All-in-all, a nice short horror experience.

Thanks bro :)

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There is a weird glitch where most of the doors can't be closed once they are opened.

Yea that is on purpose. Sorry about that. 

pls fix it.

Not bad for a first try! You can see through out the game that some little things needs improvement, but jump scares where well placed and the sound was on point. I commented at the end of the video some other things that I thought if you want to see it! Good Job! =)

Thanks :) left a comment on the vid.

Holy shit the sounds in this! I love the distorted atmosphere in this! The game is looks and runs fantastic man I am really impressed! If you are ever working on future projects and need foley work/ost or just need a music mix/master engineer I would love to help you out! More titles like this have a lot potential on your end, very talented sir!

Thanks man! Much appreciated

Игра хороша, многим разработчикам стоит поучиться у Max

on April fools when you open the book it's just the rick roll lyrics

just an idea

and nice font

Played this game on my YouTube channel. Thought it was pretty cool so I decided to post the video here. The game was actually really good and I am excited to see what you make in the future. Anyways have a good day.



Thanks! :) and a good day to you too!

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