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Might be your first ever project, but also clearly a labour of love. Can't really play it, because my laptop's graphics card can't run it even remotely smoothly unfortunately :(, but even a minute into the game it's clear that this had a *lot* more effort and dedication put into it than your average dime-a-dozen Unity horror game.
I'll check this out when I get a new computer ;)


Thanks for your comment man, Hope you can play it soon!


real good looking game for your first time 

enjoyed it 

i made a video about it and but both your channel links in the description

love your work


thanks my friend!


Had so much fun playing this game, these graphics really caught my eyes.

hehe thanks bro

For somebody who had no idea what they were doing and just watched a bunch of tutorials; this was really good. As usual, the horror protagonist is an idiot and there's a bunch of "what...the..f..." moments going but, it's a horror game and this is to be expected. It's silly, dumb, spooky, and fun; and I really enjoyed it. Can't wait to see what else you learn and how you put that knowledge to use making the next game.

its a learning curve, thanks for playing

Book - YouTube this is my channel where I played this game, very good game looking forward for more thanks much love

Thanks and thanks for the video

Very well done especially for a first game! Great graphics and atmosphere. 


thank you man!

I haven't actually played the game (Since I am too scared. havent watched conjuring etc too). But Wait a minute. I have seen other unreal games, a lot others, How the hell on earth does this have such sick sick graphics? I mean, this seems impossible. Just Gorgeous man. And then is the pricetag. You are a genius developer. BEST BEST of luck ahead. Subbed your Youtube as well...

thanks for the nice comment :) mich appreciated

Awesome game, made me jump quite a few times! Excellent visuals and audio, looking forward to your next game :D 


hehe thanks man :) I have much to learn still.

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amazing job especially it being your first time.i enjoyed playign the game

ying the game

Thanks man! glad to hear it!

Look, for a project where you were learning to use the Engine, you did really well. Congratulations.

Thanks man! Much appreciated, Much to learn still. But trying learning by doing.

This is a very good game. Good graphics and good gameplay. It's very well made. I like it.

Thanks! :)

It was pretty good. Especially for the first game. Good graphics, Sound effects and scares.

My playthrough: 

Thanks for playing and the video!

amazing work! I couldn’t believe it was your first game! Truly creepy experience with good use of jump scares!


Thanks! Fun video! :)

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Thanks my friend!

Strange game. I really enjoyed the mechanics and looks of it, overall, I was very invested and yeah, it's a solid game. 

Thank you!

This game was a lot of fun.. and I pooped a lot...

Thanks friend! Also diapers are the solution :)

Heeeey nice game! I thought the graphics were really well done! It looks like this was your first project. I'm impressed. I do have a few critiques to help you grow as a developer. I thought the pacing and monsters were great. The instructions on the wall is always a cool way to introduce themselves. The game could use a bit more mood lighting in the later half of the game. Maybe have a lightbulb break when the monster runs past you. Let the flashlight do a bit more work when inspecting the ritual in the basement. The ending was a nice touch. As for sound, I got nothing I'm deaf haha. I hope to see more from you!

Thanks pal, funny video! :) Sorry you can't hear the sounds that would add a bit to it, but thanks for playing.

Hey Max Horror, thanks so much for making this game, very nice for being your first project! The spooks were real, I liked the kinda gothic-demonic setting for the game. You know how to build a horror atmosphere for sure, great audio quality too! 

Thank you for playing! and for the video!

Okay first off this was a fantastic first game man you actually killed it! The sound design is what really sold it to me. Also, you making this game has resulted in the best thumbnail ive EVER made XD XD THANK YOU! 

Thanks my friend! Great vid!

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, for your first project it's really good, some of the jumpscares were neatly timed as well, the optimization had some issues but it's understandable since it's your first time, great job :)


Thanks! yea the optimization is a riddle to me hehe.

This is really good! As a first project, it couldn't get any better actually! Perfect pacing, a nice and spooky enemy, FANTASTIC sound design, and a nice, quick ending to tie it all together. I really enjoyed my time playing this!

Glad to hear it, Thanks a lot!

Great job with this one! Really terrifying experience, sounds were amazing, jump scares were just right, my only negative would be the ending which I mentioned in the video but I won't spoil anything here, but overall really loved this!

Thanks for playing, I was having fun with you being scared hehe. sorry for the optimization though, Im new to this and don't have much experience with that.

Don't sweat it, I can only imagine how difficult it is to create a game, to be honest it might just be my rig isn't up to scratch lol

That was a great game dude! Keep it up!

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

Good game, I like it. I wish you a happy development.

Thank you bro!

So you started game development too, I wish you luck.

Well I am trying :) Thanks.

Hey this is pretty cool, man. Nice job on your first game! You got me with that door that was cracked open, haha. Thanks, dude!


hehe thanks!

Really cool game. 

Thanks bro!

This has a lot of potential to be something much more! Really loved the atmosphere, scenery and everything just felt intimate and immersive. REALLY want to see this either expand to a fuller story, or even see a sequel to carry it on! And the jump scares could be kicked up a notch ;) there were some good surprise moments, but nothing that really got me jumping. Good work my dude! Keep 'em coming!


hehe thanks man, And thanks for the video!

My pleasure. Looking forward to your next game!

Had a feeling this would be good and i was right lol hope to see more of these from you :)

hehe thanks mate! :) Will try and see what more i can come up with.

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I recommend to play the game then watch the video to avoid spoilers!!!

I loved this game, I've been going through horror games for a while and this game has it all. Puzzles jumpscares and horror. The fact the everything ties together was very welcomed. From the moment you start you explore and inspect things that will stay in your mind for later and I really liked that. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME. Try it out it's good stuff!!

Thanks pal! Glad you liked it

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Thank you for trying it out, yea im sorry about the optimization, I have tried some tricks, but as my knowledge is pretty lacking its hard for me to do much about hehe, My self is getting from 50-120 fps when playing, depending on the locations. But it is something i need to learn more about for the future for sure. Thanks again for the video too.

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Awesome game. And impressive considering it's a first project! Covered your game in a 3 horror games video! 

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Cool!, thank you! Enjoyed your video. Entertaining guy!

Good atmosphere and mechanics

Thank you :)

Nice to see you making games, cant wait to see this!

hehe thanks :) well I gave it a try at least, Still learning

are you going to update the game in future?

Maybe, what are you thinking? more content or just improvement for what is?

Both? I really liked your first game

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When the YouTuber becomes a developer

This is so cool

I wish you success

Thank you very much :)

That was your first game and I really love it to be honest. I believe you can make more awesome games. 5/5

Thanks friend! I will try and do better next time :) Have to start somewhere right? 

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Hey Max I Am A subscriber of your youtube channel and also a fan. I love to play and watch indie horror games.This game is amazing i enjoyed playing .And this is a good indie horror game i thought it would be longer but it was an amazing experience.and also love your content on youtube.

Thanks my friend :) Yea i know its pretty short. But im still learning.

Great work on this game bro will you be adding to it in the future?

I will probably rather start a new one. This was more a practise session tbh. Thanks for playing though :)

Oh btw, The intro should be in the game now, Could I make you try and redownload it, and test if the intro is in the game now when you start it up? 

adding opion and title screen would be nice

and I don't see intro cutsence did you remove it?

Yea by accident. Will update

It should be included now.

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