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Nice game!  I'm sad I missed some jumpscares lol, but was fun playing.

Nice short horror game

Thought my soul was going to be stolen when I went to the phone 

Amazing game! Congratulations!

Books = Cringe

This is why I don't read! Last game in 3 Scary games!

you always impress me 

Loved it! 


Hi Max,

Just want to say that I am a big fan of your games and your YouTube channel. I Loved your first game.

i made short video for this game, and thanks you developer for make this awesome game

So i managed to break the game or bug the game or something with the bathroom doors. Either that or I just couldn't figure out how to close them. I found this game to be a little more finicky compared to the other games I've played by Mr. Horror. The interact just seems weird, but with it being a first game (I think?) I think it's really good. Pretty short, but not really scary imo. Has some spooky moments, but yea, not overly scary. At least it's not full of loud jumpscares screaming in my face and ears to try to be "scary" Still enjoyed the game

Yes very much my first project hehe, and sadly I have deleted the project, so I can't even fix the stuff. But thanks for playing anyway :) 


I really enjoyed the game, despite being a bit short. And honestly, I was sad for the new secretary, right on her first day, tragedy happens... But anyway, congratulations on your game 👏 

Gameplay PT-BR


It was really good. Loved the concept.


All of your games have been amazing. Sorry Linda... Gameplay starts at 00:08 


Cool game. Fun to play... :)


Awesomely terrifying game, my man! Keep up the good work!


nope nope nope!!!

3rd game 

3 Scary Games #5


let's go friends

thank for this game !

Mega gut gemacht, Sehr Ruhelos und gruselig!! Danke dafür

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That was really nice


just a tip for the cover of the book, dont use that symbol. in the way you use it in this game spreads more misinformtion. the upright star in the circle is called a pentacle and represents the five elements and is used for protection amoungst Wiccans and Pagans. We arent evil people so we try telling others to stop using it in horror games and movies (mostly because we are already hated on by others because we are considered "devil worshippers") 

Agree, though to add context for the developer, even before formal Wicca and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the pentacle's been around for ages. Older traditions, despite the name seeming to imply five points (the name most likely derives from "pend" meaning "to hang", rather than "pent" meaning "five"--so like the word "pendant", which is essentially how pentacles were and still are worn by some practitioners), also had pentacles with 6 or 7 pointed stars, perhaps most notably in the Key of Solomon. All this to say, essentially, that despite the long history, uses in different traditions, and the varying appearances, pentacles have universally been used for protection.

Personally, my suggestion would be to create a sigil or pentacle of your own design (ala the famous Necronomicon pentacle), or perhaps weave the protective use of the pentacle into the lore (for example, the author placed the symbol on the cover of the book in an attempt to protect the author or reader from the evils within... but this failed).

based. Yeah Agree. they instead should use the ONA symbol....cause its bad (bedam tsk)(this is a joke , by no way am I glorifying the actions of the ONA or the lives lost because of them...pls do not be offended )  no but seriously .....devs should use a different symbol

great game. I love the graphics & story. The atmosphere scares me. can't wait for the next game. enjoy my gameplay :)


really loved this! the devs really done a great job at capturing a scary atmosphere and great scares, only complain is that i wish it was longer, gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to like and subscribe would really like to thank the people here that have subbed like i cant believe we are almost at 1000 subs in only 5 months THANK YOU! 

Really enjoyed this experience! Very good graphics and tension building! I know it's probably a little too late to change it, but I think it would've been so cool to let the player experience finding the book and reading it instead of a cutscene just stating that we did. However, that didn't stop me from having a blast with this!

Everything you touch turns to gold Max, 

love the game very spooky wish and fun! 

Just going with your instincts and as a first project this turned out excellent. It reminded me of F.E.A.R with its horror aspects. Short yet very enjoyable.

This game is amazing! Please make more like this. Just had one bug in the beginning but the rest was awesome. 

good game

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We played Subject 65, then we played The Apartment, it might have all been out of order, but we finally played The Book!

Very cool game that got the other Max Horror games off the ground! It definitely got us good with a few of the scares!

We never did find any clothes. And now if we could all share in a moment of silence for poor Linda, the secretary who was flushed down the toilet.

There here Gameplay By Vble

It was one of the few games that made me tense in my life.
Congratulations on the great game

Great video. Congrats

Not my Video just one a buddy made that I think deserves more support :)

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