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For a first go, it's pretty nice.  I got a pretty bad framerate, plus no v-sync, but otherwise looked pretty good.  A couple spots got me good (the phone was great)!

Tried out 'The Book'!

Comments below he clip;

I really appreciate Max Horror's tendency to provide us with well dressed games, so to speak, because this slickness in detail enhances the feeling of reality.

As I tend to see games as games, the more I get this sense of reality, the less will I just be playing a game.  Like in all Max Horror's other games, I like what he has done to the environments we play in. Overall; well done and keep 'em coming!

Thanks bro!

A couple of good spooks, well done!

Yours is the first game I play. Brilliant game, slight issue with blur / lag but what a well made game. Check out my video.

Great Game!


Really nice game, just had some problems with the screen blurring during fast movements, but it was overall enjoyable. My gameplay is in Portuguese.


MAX HORROR!! Amazing game.

I actually really, really enjoyed this game! Great job Max! I’d actually love to play more! 

Great YouTuber, Amazing Game! Please watch it and subscribe!

A small horror game just for learning purposes? Damn :D This game was really good, sadly the area was small and the game wasn't long but the wall hand jumpscares scared me a lot! I loved that smooth jumpscare in the elevator... Btw where was the lever? I think I've accidentally picked it up but I still don't know where it was


Down in the basement at Linda's Corpse :) Thanks for playing, and im glad you enjoyed the short experience! :)

What's up guys. Check me out, This game was great!! 

the hallway with the hand reaching out for the door scared the hell out of me. 

I had some questionable moments but overall I liked the game 

The maintenance man summoned a DEMON? — The Book Game

im one of your subcriber and i love you play indi horror game. the that you made is very nice very good graphic and make me jump keep it up man !

Thanks Pal! :) Glad you enjoyed it.


Got me good!

Just wanted to leave my playthrough of this game here. This game is well made and paced just right. It made me nervous at times because of the tension building. Great job, Max Horror, you did AMAZING!

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Wow i like the game and thank you Max Horror  because i can make content video :) 

Thanks for playing! :)

Really good for a 1st game !

Thank you !

That's some cool games you make! Hit me if you need any help with voiceover or some free zombie sounds, I'd like to participate :)



Thanks for sharing this with us, really enjoyed it! :) Didn't expect it to be so scary honestly, the monster concept and its apparent ability to show up in random places makes it properly terrifying. Would love to see more even if I'd probably regret getting myself into it as I played it hah.


Thanks for playing :) glad you enjoyed it.

thanks again for making and sharing it :)

I gotta say this was really well made! Specially considering this is your first game ever! Loved the graphics and atmosphere. Two of the jump scares got me really good lmao. Looking forward to your future projects! 


Thanks bro! :) glad you enjoyed it!!

I went to open the door in the bathroom and got stuck behind

Yea sorry about that, You are not the first one either :p

i thought it was pretty good. really short though, the ending was so sudden and really rushed. i had fun though and hope to see more games like this come from from you!

Great pacing and atmosphere. Scared the absolute shit out of me! Can't wait to see more projects from you :)

Certainly had the spook factor! Very unique and unsettling! 

Thanks bro! :) 

Fun little spooky game. While relaxing with some malt liquor in the nude at your office, you decide to read a book on Satanism which is perfectly fine and normal until you realize your secretary Linda has been spending too much time in the bathroom. Find out what happens next! Also, I made a video playing it:


hehe Thanks!

Ey, yo, I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 5:27! Hope ya enjoy!


Thank you :) it was very "usefull" hehe

Hope you make more games, mate!


What happens when your gameplay doesn't record? SIMPLE! Make a short story yourself with GOOGLE IMAGES! 😅😅

Come see how that went for THE BOOK

That was a different playthrough :D Thanks!

huh. no.

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Very good, liked the atmosphere and wished that it lasted a bit longer. I mostly just didn't like the ending, but otherwise it was great.

Thanks bro, I know it was with some cheap jumpscares, but still learning :)

This game ran really bad for me but it might just be my pc, who knows...

For some its fine for others its not :) Will add settings in next game, for those that needs the lower settings.

Thank you! I look forward to playing this when I get back home to my better computer!

really love this game!! Please check out my play through below x 

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it!


Interesting game, definitely a lot better than most short indies on here.

Your game was pretty dang good! Enjoyed it very much! Its the first one in this video. 

This was very good overall. the sound design worked really well even if the arm jump scares were trying to hard. good game.

I know you have a TON of people commenting. But this was pretty cool mang. GJ! Made you a lil video for your lil game < 3 : 

This was a good time! Considering this was something of a learning exercise, I really enjoyed it. Spooks, atmosphere, good visuals. I'll be following along to see what comes next :)

Very well done! I very much enjoyed this game. looking forward to more, Max! :D

this game was really good overally check out my video on it :)

Max is That Guy!!!

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