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on of the intresting horror game ive played any proud that its made by max horror.

This was so creepy 😳 I love that even the menu screen gave me chills! Game starts at 27:28

This Games Atmosphere Is Definitely Scary, The Game Is Short And Straight To The Point And Definitly Gave Me A Jumpscare, Overall The Game Is Good And Short Would Definitely Recommend 

Though you say this is a project you gave up on and slapped an ending to honestly it was Amazing.

Though I was a little sad i couldn't set everything on fire..... I mean who doesn't want to set a evil tree/root monster on fire. 

(totally not just because i want to watch the world to burn and to create chaos)

The ending slapped on as it is still sets it up for a future project where the roots have taken over the town, which honestly would be amazing.

The game gave me vibes of a mashup between Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

The story structure the fact that no one is around. The environment ever so slightly changing, the eerie feeling, and the bedroom being replaced with a basement gives off the Silent Hill feels.

The monster on the other hand made me think of resident evil 7's Molded, both with how it looks and how it seems to be multiplying and taking over in the end.

The only thing i could think of for changing is the interactable objects only having one side of the cabinets open was a little strange.

Amazing game and it reminded me a lot of resident evil 7 
very good.

Loved this game. The ambiance was chilling and the environment set up was perfect. The damn coat rack scared me a few times. I rate this game 10/10 amazing. Keep up the amazing work. 

I usually don't get scared that easily from video games but this one had some good jump scares! Thank you for the fun experience!

This game still haunts me! First one in the video

the menu screen legit low key to good lol i knew after that menu i was in to deep

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Game was Very Scary really enjoyed!! Check out the viddd


I made a sick freestyle to the beat at the end. also interesting game to say the least!

What the heck was my brother getting into? Loved the game, and love your stuff. This is the second one I've done, and I can tell you can really make atmosphere. Great ideas too. Going to see what else you got, but definitely have a promising career in horror. 

Everyone Give it a try. For a "failed Demo" They did a fantastic job with this! It certainly doesn't feel like it.  

Love hanging out with my brother who spontaneously likes to summon Satan's ficus to take over his spacious, luxurious apartment complex which even has a *checks leasing offers* a basement?!?! Much be a rich or isnt up to code. Check out the apartment tour here: 

Loved the game, the style was unsettling and all the super dark rooms had me too scared to go anywhere! Unfortunate that you couldnt think of an ending you were more happy with, but I think what you came up with suits just fine!

gods this game scared the BEJEZUS OUT OF ME! I was having such a time!!

great game 

Yelling Makes The Fear Go Away | The Apartment | A Single Scary Game

This root thing is a nice concept! I enjoyed it. (Pt-BR) 

Holly crap!! It's packed with great scares in a 15 minute gameplay!
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hola !!! me fascino tu videoju'ego , tiene una historia muy terrorifica !! tienes talento para hacer esta clase de videojuegoss : ) sigue asiii !! te dejo aqui mi gameplay 


This one was amazing dude holy crap i would love to see a full game of something similar to this! The way that thing runs at you and the noise it makes really got me!

I had a TON of fun with this one!  Thanks for a good time MAX HORROR!

i played this game during my indie horror marathon stream and it did not disappoint! the ambiance was unsettling and eerie and I was scared the whole time. you did a great job! 

I never thought i would be afraid of a tree... 

Uhm, since you gave up on it.. Why don't you release the source files for it under something like 'copyleft'-type license.. That way people can use, modify, & distribute the material. But are required to make their version available under the same terms & conditions.. So, ya'know; let the community have fun with it.  
   License source-info url below:

I would like to get away alive

This was a really neat idea, I love the monster design and the idea of a malicious tree! I really hope you come back to this one in the future, you nailed the atmosphere.

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Max Horror you have a knack for creating very very unsettling atmospheres in your games! You sir have a bright future in horror video game making, the fact that you consider this a "failed project" is crazy to me. This so called "failed project" was a damn good time and f#$@#@% horrifying! Everyone reading this go support this man cuz what this Dev has to offer to the horror community deserves some damn recognition. Keep up the amazing work, I look forward to more "failed projects" and successful ones alike. You always got support on this end and I'll do what I can to spread the word about your work!

As for the itchio community yall have been nothin short of amazing, thanks for all the support and love!!!! 

Much Love 

Stay safe and Stay positive 


Thanks bro, that is very nice of you, I very much appreciate your support. Thanks so much!

This game was well done! I had fun trying to figure out what happens next.

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AMAZING GAME! Definitely enjoyed playing! 😭


This game was awesome.  I wouldn't call it a failed project.  Thanks for making it, I really enjoyed it.  Here is my playthrough should anyone care to view.  

Wow, Nature is really creepy, even if you removed the monster chasing you, having a horror game with the roots quickly teasing through the building was so creepy. The monster did look amazing, it is so inhuman it just looks creepy, like you can’t tell it’s orientation in the bathtub.. I just hope someone comes and burns down the apartment, get revenge for my character against nature.

Great Game. Looking forward to what else you create.

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i don't think its a failed project. This is one of the best short scary game I ever played in a while

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Maybe I should have put in a short note how to use the lighter as a light source :D

Deleted 1 year ago

I think the confusion is cause its a lighter and not a flashlight. But yea I am always used to F for "light" and be noted that all my games will have that key for light now and moving forward ;) a bit of insider info hehe

a l;ttle late to the party cuz I first missed your new game Max, but it was once again.. wonderful. much love <3 Mike

Thanks bro! Glad you enjoyed!

I am very lossed and very intrigued at the same time

I thought it was a good concept by max horror. Dont think it was a failed game, it had some good jump scares. Wasnt a huge fan of the story but it was interesting. 


It's not a fail game, you managed to do a short good game. I'm not really fan of being hunted like that (despite loving Phasmophobia), because I'm not really well-coordinated when it comes to run and it's worse when it's a WASD layout for an AZERTY keyboard (and I'm too lazy to switch to QWERTY) BUT it was still nice as it was only once. Keep also doing your videos, I really enjoy them! It's thanks to you that I've discovered SOMA for example.

Lots of awesome moments, got lost but figured it out, and the scares were of good quality. Liked it and added it in a vid. Thanks for the game!

This games has a lot of jumpscare. Excellent job Dev.

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