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What an interesting idea! I wouldn't call it failed :) It has alot of promise. I was confused at the end, but I guess since you slapped on an ending that makes sense. Overall, it's a fun game! The game is the first one at 0:37


Thanks, yea the ending is a bit sudden hehe

Interesante idea, visualmente hermoso


Gracias mi amigo :) Thanks for playing

Probably one of the best short games I played in a while! That was amazingly good! 

It was creative, great atmosphere, fun, unexpected. Just cheers, my dude! what a great job!

Thanks a lot, enjoyed your video :) and maybe there is a little pyromaniac in you, kept wanting to burn everything :p

Come on, you gave me a lighter in a building full of evil plants! xD 😆 

The atmosphere is cool! Very well done.

Thank you! I kinda got a bit stuck with this project, so that is why it got a bit short :)

This is fantastic! The graphic style is really satisfying to look at and there was a ton of great moments that left me terrified. Great job!


Awesome! Glad you liked the game, And yea its a bit short.

Another Master Piece. Epic 5/5

Thanks my friend! Glad you enjoyed it

And to think this was a throw-away
that you almost never finished! 

Thoroughly enjoyed it, inclucing the ending. Great use of pacing and tension buildup throughout. I'm defintiely going to play your other releases after this.!

Thanks man. Good video, hope you will enjoy the others aswell.

What an amazing game!!! Keep up the great work man amazing!!!

hehe thanks bro, was fun watching you scared :p

Show post...


Lots of fun! So glad you decided to finish it, Max. Looking forward to your next projects too. Hope you're doing well!


[Gameplay en español]

Love this short HORROR game!. the mystery of our brother and the terror of the environment has made it a lot of fun to play! good job :D

Thank you so much :) Glad you enjoyed it

enjoy guys the really scary game thx for making this game 

this game is really creepy it has some really scary jumpscares overall its very good

Max Horror You have again made a fantastic experience with this game. I loved the creepiness of it all and the air of mystery ! good work

Thanks my friend! Enjoyed the video!


Thanks for making a video!

Loved the aesthetics. Great environments and hella scary with great jump scares. Check out my gameplay and let me know what you think. 

Thanks bro! :) enjoyed the video!

i see you giving similar replies to everyone that made a video.... but mine has a smiley face so i feel more special. lol Thanks for making the game it was great.

Smiley faces are the god tier! :) :) There are only so many ways of saying thanks i feel hehe. But thanks for the nice comments and I watch all the videos

lol i definitely appreciate it regardless.  We're both grinding, Good stuff.

Yo once again you freaking killed it my man! I get so excited every single time you drop something and this DID FAIL TO DELIVER YET AGAIN! 

I hope you enjoy and get a good laugh out of this one! 

Thanks man! Enjoyed the video!

so glad you enjoyed man! 

This game was way better than what I was expecting, great job :D


this game has the big spooky must play


Thanks bro. Sorry about the bathroom wall glitch. You are the second I see finding it. I better get that wall fixed! Thanks for the video

I love ALL Your games Max Even your channel,i played them all Except for "What Happened at the farm" i didnt notice until now..


Thanks friend! Much appreciate all your support!

Well that was creepy! That creature got me good a few times. Nice job, dude! It's always fun checking out your games. 

Thanks bro :) I guess you are not used to Use F for light :) but I was shouting push F each time you were trapped in dark! hehe Thanks for the video.

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HIII!! I have watched some of your videos before and then I see you came out with a game in as well! I think it was rlly nice even tho u said it was unfinished haha X3. Anyways here's my experience of it! Gameplay starts at 1:15 :3!

Tak :) glad you enjoyed it!

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Yo man this game pretty fire!! I cannot say this game was "Unfinished".. You dropped it like its hot! Most finished games are not even comparable .. Look forward to playing more of your games!

Thanks bro :)

MAX! MY MAN! I saw that you said this game was a "failed project". Man if that's the case these other devs DON'T STAND A CHANCE! For real though, I loved the game. Keep up the great work homie!

   - CrazyCheesePuf

Thanks CrazyCheesePuf ;) Thanks for the video

This game gave me chills, and I think it's amazing. Definitely not a fail game, if anything one of the best I've played in a while!

horror game

I had a lot of fun playing this game, the environment, sound effects, monster design, animations and everything was amazing, you've been improving so much, I had no issue with the frame rates in this game, hard to believe it's a failed project since it was so good, great job Max, really looking forward to your future projects :)


Thanks a lot. Failed project in the sense that I kinda gave up on it. My ambition was it to be a longer one. But thanks for the nice comment.

This game was.... amazing. Lol, I was so scared that left the game as soon as I saw the woman or person walking. But I loved this tho.  

hehe working as intended then! :) thanks


the ending was perfection my bro.

good job

Thanks my friend! :)

Mad Max! In no way is this a failed project my man. From the title screen on, it was a blast (and completely horrifying) to play. Really enjoying seeing your progression as a game developer, as it's been a dream of mine as well since college. Keep up the great work man!


Thanks bro! Thanks for the video

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I got the uility key and went outside and can go inside the house again bug I think

also you can skip bathroom sequence

Oh yea I probably never though of people going inside again immediately after exiting, Might have to look at that.

And about skipping the bathroom sequence, I figured that was ok, if people are not curious enough to check that out.

Thanks for the feedback.


Another awesome game pimpin!!! Well made for sure. Looking forward to the next game!

Thanks bro! much appreciated!

I think this is my favorite game of yours that I've played so far. The style fits perfectly with the backstory and overall events that took place. The jump scares felt nicely placed and fit within the context of the whole game. And as usual, your pacing is just perfect. Your games never disappoint! Great work!

Thanks man, Glad you enjoyed this. It was very close to just be an abandoned project.

I'm really glad you stuck with it! It turned out to be a fantastic experience!


Thanks man!

For being a bit of a failed project, this was not bad at all. Made a video on it.


Thanks bro

well, it's time for another YouTube video again

Creep game.

Glad you enjoyed!

Very creepy atmosphere and great scares awesome job creator! 

Thanks bro!

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This was very creepy and the footsteps had me shitting my pants.

Should be up in 15

Thanks buddy, glad you liked it.

Loved it

Thanks bro

"Don't judge a book by it's cover" - From the title and the screenshots, I thought to myself that this would be, yet another "generic" Horror FPS, UE game about the looping hallway with the same "guilt tripping" story and theme, but, I got to say, this game took a perfect twist. 

The pixilation helped with the style a lot. I say, this game would have lost its appeal if the textures were in high resolution. When I started the game, the apartment complex threw me off, because I expected, as I mentioned, the "one room" style gameplay and this one had so many, complex, yet simple to the eye details, which made it stand out very much. The monster design itself is so perfect and eerie, that it left me wondering about what was going on in that apartment and that's the mystery feeling, the open mindedness, which the player, such as me, receives while playing this. 

The ambience was superb, the lighting and TV static, including the reference to the Dracula was done so well. There were no complications about walking around and "triggering" things, which I expected, but I am glad that this did not have those things - it was raw, simple, creepy and otherworldly. 

Overall, the game is solid 10! I do think this will be seen on the popular tag really soon and as you mentioned "a failed project" might be one of your best works, truly. Compare to the other games, which I've played, this is top tier. 

Looking forward to more from you. Cheers!  

Thanks so much for the big and nice comment. Much appreciated, fuel to keep going on new projects!

Does the game have an ending cos im kinda stuck?

yes it has, where are you stuck?

after I got the utility key I turned the power back on went back to the apartment there was a door open in the kitchen and there was something chasing me in the basement then it said I need to get out and find help but I couldn't get back through the door. I got a video rendering aswell it was a very good horror game.

you were suppose to die from that creature in the basement :D did it get stuck?

I think it did it ran after me and must of got trapped on the corner im gonna uploa

d the video now.

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