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Super awesome start screen! I mean that music is great! The game itself was spooky and to the point. You are gonna get scared!

Just played this in a recent 3 Random Games video of mine and... I liked it! I could tell this was kinda inspired by Playable Teaser, but you didn't fully go that route... and I appreciate that

This game is the 2nd game I played.

This wasn't a failed game. You may have ran out of ideas but this game was not a failure at all. It had all the things a horror game should have and they were all executed perfectly! I just wish this was a full game rather than a concept but I understand why you stopped, having "make up as you go" ideas probably would have killed this game if you went that route.

I absolutely love this awsome scary game, it had a great setup! And i gotta say it had a few pretty Decent jumpscares, Great Game

Fantastic! Loved the atmosphere!

This is a creepy game and I wouldn't consider it as Failed. I think this is better then a majority of other Indie Horror Titles.

Pixelated graphics really give feeling of unknown really well and i really like that design choice, very well executed, shame it wasn't finished but the current product is well made. Thank you for making this! 1st Game.

I see we have used similar packs for our games. I made Samhainophobia for a horror jam. 

yea "Horror Apartment assets" I played Samhainophobia, it was great. Hope you will make more soon enough.

Wieder mal ein Super Game von Max Horror.
Erwartungen wurden erfüllt.
Spielt es unbedingt selber ! :)


Nice game !

Nice game

Not bad :)

Max horror, es hora de unir la historia en todos tus juegos! Por favor. Aterrador y misterioso. Excelente juego

Nice game

Fiz uma gameplay legendada: 

First game I play in the video.

I'm becoming a big fan of your work, especially after playing subject 65. 

The Apartment does not disappoint! Terrifying game, loved it.

Check out my video.

I REALLY enjoyed this one. I got stuck for a while but that actually gave me a chance to get really immersed in the game. The sound design here is amazing. The knocking behind the bookcase was a great touch plus a whole bunch of others that legitimately creeped me out. I can't even tell that you "slapped an ending on" because it finishes about the way I'd expect. There was a spot in the bathroom where I could literally walk through the wall but other than that it was a smooth experience. I had a great time playing, thanks for making it!

Thanks WoodyRun. My first plan was for this game to be a longer project, so in that sense I just slapped an ending on. I am aware of the missing collision on the bathroom wall, seen a few fall off the map there hehe, just been a bit lazy to fix it. Thanks for the video, enjoyed watching it as always.

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Thanks and Happy new year!

This game is absolutely awesome!! Very good job, keep going!!

loved the game and menu music there where a few jumpscares that got me keep up the good work

Let’s Play - Alien: Isolation Mobile - We’re just getting started

This game was really good! Why did you stop ;---; i loved the concept there was spooky parts as well!

here is my walk through :)

Excellent game, great use of suspense! I had a blast playing making the video for the game!

Loved it. Absolutely loved it. Me and boo had a lot of fun making this video! Great game! :)


 Good game overall. I liked it, however maybe add some text lines with reactions to certain things throughout to make the character feel more present. Instead of only ever "talking" when you go to open the Apartments door (did not finish don't know if their are more text lines). An example would be a reaction to floor boards creaking or something. Great game!

Really enjoyed this game! Great idea and would have loved to play a full length game! Great work

I loved it! This was the second of your projects I've checked out, and there's some definite inprovement.

Just good, creepy fun. It was scary in a way a lot of stuff here isn't. Looking forward to more stuff :)

That was creepy as hell. Pretty good for an "unfinished" game!

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Very fun and immersive!

I don't play horror games often. This one was mega creepy tho!


Thanks bro, Thanks for the video much appreciated as always!

This game was actually pretty awesome to play! It's a shame it wasn't fully finished, but still a seriously spooky experience. When I noticed Mr. rootman hanging outside, my frickin heart just dropped haha

Great work!


You can beat the Root man in the hallway by hiding in the corner of the Utility room :) you were just too close to the door when he broke it down. Thanks for playing mate.

this is nice.

Is this a PSX Styled Horror Game?!


Not really, It is just slightly pixalated.


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Played through the game, loved it, all your games were pretty good in terms of scares. Nevertheless still wait for the game, where there will be more than just one character (aka the protagonist) in it (like for example the villain, who isn't a silent monster).

Like a really advanced AI that interacts with the player? or just a human enemy?

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Just a main villain in general, who would talk and have a personality (even if flat one) and will be "the mastermind behind the evil". Doesn't matter if he will be the human enemy that chases the player or will simply command the monsters to chase the players.

this is lit~~! cant belive another amazing game by max horror, keep up the gd work~~(*/ω\*)


Really enjoyed this one. Good atmospherics and neat concept. Thanks!

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