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this one was really well made and got me scared a couple times... really good job yall! I liked it. 

This game had me on edge as soon as I entered The Apartment, absolutely well done! Well worth playing and/or watching! Here is my playthrough, please enjoy!

Well Made Scary Surroundings And Sounds But Would Have Like An Understanding To The Story Did Enjoy The Game Thanks Great Job.



fantastic apartment

Fantastic horror game. Really well done and super creepy. Great job!

I really enjoyed the game. The scenery and sound effects were great, and the monster (although strange) is pretty scary o.O

Gameplay PT-BR

Hello, this game was recommended to me. So I decided to make a video about it. It's not a bad game. I admit that. Still I seem to always miss the scares.


Since I enj0yed Subject 65 so much, I decided to check out some of your other games, and start off with The Apartment. Another game I really liked, and the ending kinda reminds me of Aliens where the humans are hung up in goop, but instead of goop it's roots. I also found a bug I think, where every time I walked back into the living room the TV would turn on and the knocking would happen again. Outside of that minor detail, this was another great game imo. You can see my experience and comments on YT 


amazing game you wouldnt even think its not finished love your games man you give amazing vibe with your games cant wait to try out more 

Nicely done! The atmosphere was awesome and kept me on edge!

3rd I’m the video.. really well done. Was my favorite out of this video. 


This game got me GOOD multiple times lol! Even though you gave up on this project, you still crushed this, Max! Well done! Your jumpscares always get me haha. I'll share this game in a Discord server for creators/developers that I'm in!

Thanks bro, glad you enjoyed this short little experience! :)

You're welcome, man! And thank YOU for making this game!


One of my first videos! Thanks for this expirience

Great Game!

This was a really interesting story! I loved it!


Haven't played in actual good indie horror game in a while

Good job


I got jumpscared in the main menu, LOL.


Had A Great Time Playing This!

Hey! I certainly couldnt tell that it was an unfinished game and really enjoyed it, both story and game. I hope you keep creating in to the future.


Hii Max, I'm a big fan of your YouTube channel and I just tried one of your amazing games. This is awesome man!!!! Can't wait for your next game...


This game was really good like the concept its the second part of this video


Mca Horror replies:

I got scared... I don't have any other comments for how the atmosphere was... I hope this isn't the last time that I play this game my dude.


i was stuck at the beginning but its an nice idea for a game, i like it 

Great game pal! Looking forward to playing more of your work.

Sigo sin creer que el juego tenga tanta calidad y el creador crea que es un proyecto fallido, para mi es un increible juego de terror que definitivamente no te dejara dormir, estare esperando por nuevos juegos del creador

Tks for the game :))

Thanks for playing! and for the video!

is scared me, but is sou god

Amazing game! Scared me a lot 


This game was scary and tons of fun to play! I would say that my favorite part was the sound design. I think you did a great job with it, and it really helped create the horror atmosphere. That stuck feeling sucks, but I’ll be excited to play more If you ever decide to come back and expand upon the game.

The Apartment and Pyrolyzis are connected somehow, correct me if im wrong

Solid game. One of the best Max Horror games!

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Really great game. I always liked the concept of a bio monster like this one. Really hope you reconsider to make the ending you had in mind since the beggining, or to expand the story cause it really has lots of potential.

This was a great game! Spent a little longer looking for the bedroom key but that was just me being dumb... Gameplay starts at 17:14 

Now this was a game! thank you for letting me play this game! really hope to see more content like this in the future!

My Co-host and I had a ton of fun with this game, tyvm for allowing us to play it.  Can't wait to see your next game.

I Love this Game

So good for how short please make it longer if you can, so much potential.
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💀THE APARTMENT 💀 LA HABITACION Nº23 🎮Indie Horror Game📺 (Español Argento)

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