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(I got it)))

This just makes me never want to go near a farm again!

This is awesome! I can't wait to see more stuff like this! The ideas here are solid and the game as a whole is very immersive. Well done! The totally barren title screen threw me off and made me think this wouldn't be that great but man was I wrong. Also the options didn't work for me! And it crashed my game. I'm not sure if a graphics option was there but I'd really appreciate one. My computer really didn't enjoy running the game lol. Thank you for making it! I had a great time playing.

La idea es buena, tiene potencial. El ultimo bicho se me bugueo cuando jugue jaja, pero va bien

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Well done Max! You're getting better and better. Took me a few tries to get through the crashes at the beginning, but it was worth it.

Thanks so much buddy, Yea im still struggling with that Fatal Error! I will get there! Thanks for playing and ofcourse the video!

One of the scariest games I have played in a while

Thanks bro! Much appreciated!

Truly horror!
The tension, the intrigue and overall look to it! Fantastic! Good Job developer! 

Thank you my friend!

I didn't expect it to get me but it did.. Really fun experience and plus theres LIVE pigs so I'd 100% reccomend

hehe thanks man!

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed this, it looked really good and this one actually worked really smoothly, glad to see that you got the fps issue sorted out, the sound effects were really neat and some scares were subtle and nicely put together as well, great job :)


So glad you enjoyed it!

Other than the issue with start-up and a bug near the end which made it impossible to finish the game...I really enjoyed this. It's goofy, fun, and a bit scary! I also streamed this so uh Twitch quality wasn't the best (it wasn't my pc or the game-both worked fine!). Nice job.

Hehe them damn bugs! :) Thanks for playing. Much appreciated

I ran in the corner and cried is what happened at the farm. Very spooky game with some great jumpscares. I really enjoyed playing it.

think I laughed more than I was scared. Enjoyed it though 🤣 


Great atmosphere and scares! I bugged it at the end but went back and got the ending. I'd definitely play the full version if you continue developing this one!

Really want to try this game. I tried to run the game, again and again, more than 10 times but faced the same fatal error issue. No luck! :) 

I wish I knew what caused it my friend. I am trying to look for some help on some forums.

Sure, If you fix it then let me know. :) 

Can you try now. I THINK i have fixed the crashing.

Let me. :) 

The statue was a good screamer nice game !

You have a real talent at making horror games. This game had me on edge from start to finish! 

Thanks man :) I am still learning. But glad to hear you are enjoying it.

It's a great game, the environment is good, the monster is great, the story simple (but that's what I need sometimes) but some of the actions are a bit too specific of the players position for example the TV scare didn't trigger for me the first I walked over there, which ended in me wandering for a few minutes, still I had fun playing and would definitely recommend.


Yea I might make that trigger box a bit bigger by the TV I have seen a few avoid it hehe. Thanks, appreciate the feedback. It is really hard testing a game, when you know how everything works.

great game. i love it. but i wonder if you will make any update on this game? 

btw here is my video of your game:

Good game.

oi vou grava seu jogo ok

Достойный внимания хоррор, жаль что в конце монстр забагался
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Спасибо за игру. Also the monster should spawn now at the end :)

Holy moly i havent gotten a good scare out of a game in so long, this was incredible!

Hehe thanks, glad you enjoyed it! 

This was really good! Great atmosphere here, the environment almost feels alive. And the monster design is really cool! Sure, it's a bit rough around the edges, but overall a damn good horror experience! Great work!

Thanks so much! I am still learning. Thanks for downloading and playing.

Are you going to fix the option menu?

regarding to the fatal error?


The Fatal error I have not figured out what is causing. The menu screen should be working now though? let me know.

no option still not working you didn't upload new version

Looking forward to next game

Nice Game

Mr. Horror, you sneaky son of a gun, I didn't know you already had another game in a playable must be a machine.  I will give this a try and play it on my channel.  The is balimoreblindgaming just so you know what youtube channel commented on this.  Have a good day sir.

Thanks my friend :) hehe hope you will enjoy.

Tested your game out and the optimization is great, I am very impressed, to think you just started with dev work.  I would suggest you really continue on with this prototype, it's impressive.  I tested almost 20 games for my channel today and this was one of the few that ran like butter.  My hat goes off to you, thanks for allowing me to play.  I know it's probably ok, but would I have permission to play this and The Book on my channel?  Have a good one.

Thanks so much :) Yea im very new to all this, so still learning at a slow pace hehe. Thanks for playing, and of course put the game on your channel, would be aweome! :)

Facing fatal error when I start the game?

Yea I have no fix for that atm. But if you keep trying to start the game, it should eventually start up. Sorry about that.

Okay, let me check that once again. :) 

That was pretty cool, man. I loved the lightning in the sky too. There's a lot of little things to appreciate in this game. You did a great job on this for sure. I hope it will turn into a longer game one day. Thanks, dude!


Thanks my friend! And thanks for the video! Im glad you enjoyed it. I am still learning, So these small games are my practise.

Great Game I did have bug at a begin but thats it if there was more I dont know. But all in all great game👍❤

Yea that one is a weird one hehe :) But thanks for playing!

one night at bendy please click me play

Hello I loved the this game I did get the bug at the end but the game was creepy as hell.

Thanks :) Uploading a fixed version for the ending. But thanks for playing!

I got the bug at the end too bro

yea sorry about that. I will try and fix it.

I enjoyed this game.
But at the end, I burst the dynamite in the tunnel, and I don't know how to proceed.

The door in the tunnel is blocked, and there's nothing more to go on.
Is it a bug?

Yes, it is supposed to spawn a monster behind you, that kinda ends the demo. I will try a fix soon. Sorry about that.

Nice to see your 2nd Game bro. I will try this game tomorrow. :)) 

its a bit buggy my friend, will see if I can fix it the next few days

You can do it I know. :)) 

Now This Was Some Real Horror I played your other game that was awesome too.

Love your content and Games.

I read the comments it crashes but i kept trying.


thanks my friend. Sorry for the bugs. I also see the end monster is not spawning 😞

Very good game🤓

thanks! Sorry for the bugs

Crash after start

yea sadly. You can keep trying and eventually it will start. I have no fix for this at the moment.

Dear, my friend, take your time. I check all time. After it's work I play it. 

Hey! I tried playing this, but right after pressing start, it crashes with a Fatal Error message.


Oh it is weird. I actually thought that issue was fixed, But I guess not. I have no idea what is causing that. You should be able to force it though, by keep trying to start it. Eventually it will work.

Cool! I'll give it a shot in a couple days! Thanks for the reply!

Feedback, good and bad is always welcome:)

Cool game! Can't figure out what to do after blowing up the blockage and going up the tunnel though. The grating at the end is closed and nothing happens when you turn back. Not sure if there's an event that should be triggered - the first pic on this page suggests maybe the monster is supposed to appear? 

yes a monster is suppose to spawn behind you in the tunnel, damn bugs :) well you reached the end of the demo atleast. I have fixed that monster several times, but for some reason it breaks it self :(

No worries, gotta expect a few bugs in a prototype. Great work anyway! Some great scares and really love the sound design. :)

thanks my friend. I will keep trying to improve my self :)

Monster should be spawning at the end of the demo now :D

Awesome, thanks for the heads up! Will give it a go (should be able to get a vid and an article up in the next few days too) :)

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