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As always, max horror has definitely delivered. I wish they were longer!

terrifically terrifying experience I do say. I enjoyed the storytelling but it did take me about 20 minutes to realise that one of the notes was on the table in the farm house.

Velice rozumné události na farmě | WHAT HAPPENED AT FARM | INDIE HORROR GAME

Really nice visuals, and the thunderstorm ambience was really nice! I wouldn't mind playing more!

This was very nice. Scared me a good amount of times and had amazing music, like really nice music. Overall this is an easy 8/10


fantastic man can't wait for your next big project keep up the good work

good game and good lore, but the end is too dry and the jumpscares are so mid, i want a continue..


sick game, sick beat. What more could a guy ask for? Maybe stop by the page and hit that subscribe button 😀

WHAT HAPPENED AT THE FARM, Stays on the farm

Good game, very scary and I enjoy playing your games.

Played this as part of a 3 scary games with my girlfriend.

Awesome game, my man! Super unsettling and creepy!

this game may be TOO sexy 


nice work =) so are you working on a full version of this game if so when do you think it will be finished?

Great game. Very scary

I did not realize it was MaxHorror who made this game when I downloaded it. Again, I was not disappointed by this game! I loved the jumpscares :D 

Awesome game, my man! Super unsettling and creepy!

I need to play the full game!!! now!!!! 

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I really enjoyed this game and that jump scare was so good I almost fell off my seat. 

Great game! 10/10 befriended some pigs, got *mildly unsettled* in the dark

Nice experience, good jump scare and ambience. The only thing i don't have liked is the "lore" why i have to open the passage, if the demon come from there?

You've really outdone yourself, my man. I can't wait to see the full version!
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Really enjoyed this demo. Would love to see a full game someday! I'm definitely gonna check out your other work. 

It's the first game of the video!


Good game, all the pigs survived! :)

It's Been Awhile since i played a good horror game. Thank you for the Spooks. (Here's a 6 minute playthrough video)

i love your game and content keep it up

Thank you! :)

Gameplay não comentado! Uncommented gameplay!

Can not wait to play the full version of it i loved it

A fun conclusion to Indie Game Week on my channel! A big focus for me was making sure the pigs lived!

the final game i played for this video i had so much fun with some of the scares in this! the monster design was super sick too

I'm pretty sure they're some type of aliens, LOL. It was fun. In my first try I didn't got the flashlight for some reason and got upset because everything was really dark, but then I noticed my mistake and started again.

Me encanto este juego, es muy grato cuando un juego corto de terror logra su cometido, que es asustarte!! me asusto varias veces, 100% recomendado ♥ suscribete si te a gustado 8 )

I'd love to see more of this game!  Enjoyed all the pig butts.

Omg,.Mega.. Bitte,Bitte mehr davon. Großartige Arbeit. Bin ein großer Fan !!

Danke mein freund

Would be super awesome to see this game multiplayer

Awesome game, my man! Super unsettling and creepy!

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