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Short Horror game.
Atmospheric Walking simulator with some light puzzles, some chase scenes and a fair few jumpscares.


You are a freelance Journalist that set out to investigating an apartment complex full of so called Mole-Men and rumors that once you enter this building you will never leave again. Will you see the light of day once again? or will you be trapped like the previous people entering this building?

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Hope you will enjoy.

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Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Reportáž na volné noze | DARK TALES - MOLE MEN | INDIE HORROR GAME

love the game it was so good keep up  the good work man

genuinely got me with some of the jumpscares HAHAH





pueblo paleta brandon by BRANDONgamer08 (itch.io)

Was a good experience, my video here :) 

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Scary Scuffed Games #218


Vorgeschlagen von: winter_fox

Leider habe ich nicht wirklich viel Gutes über das Spiel zu sagen. Einige Passagen wie z.B. das Ende hatten einen Hauch Atmosphäre alles andere hat leider jedoch super generisch und austauschbar gewirkt. Spielerisch war es nicht wirklich anspruchsvoll, Rätsel gab es quasi keine, Story & Musik und waren nicht wirklich vorhanden. Die "Jumpscares" waren vorhersehbar oder komplett Wahllos. Keine Ahnung ob das Modell der Molemen von der Stange war, aber das war noch mit das interessanteste Feature. Allerdings wurde jede freie Minute dieses Modell für irgendwelche "Gruselmomente" und Scares eingesetzt was beudeutet, dass es leider extrem inflationär verwendet wurde. Das Spiel war nichts besonderes und auch wenn es nie diesen Anspruch hatte war es eher durchschnittlich bis unterdurchschnittlich.


Dito: 2.5/5

Chat: 2/5

Gesamt: 2.25/5

Will this game have more language like German or it will be only in English ?

Great game! Love it!

great atmosphere, cool story as well. Great job as always.

That was awesome. Super interesting story and very well done atmosphere + scares. Awesome stuff Max ! 

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

Ain't played a horror game this good in a minute! Jump scared were good the atmosphere was great and the twist at the end was firee! Overall W.

Here's my Gameplay:

This was FIRE!!! Really look forward to seeing more games from you!

Very creepy, great job.

Very creepy, great job.

I enjoyed this game yes? yes I did. I look forward to playing the rest of your collection. 

good game you did a great job

This is a really good game, well executed jumpscares and tense atmosphere. Although the vhs filter is a little to aggressive sometimes for my taste.

Gameplay is in german


Great game in every aspect, loved the amount of jumpscares

Great game, you really did a good job and I had a lot of fun on my playthrough! I don't think I managed to befriend any of the mole-men though. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make next.

Thanks so much Meeka Great to hear you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks for sharing a video!

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Solid game. I wish there were more graphic settings like windowed mode / fullscreen / resolution.


Thanks bro, Fullscreen and or Windowed Mode will be options in my future projects for sure.

Made a shorts out of this game! The section that got my adrenaline a good rush.

Thanks so much :)

Great game, dude! I love your style! That was definitely a creepy experience. I can't wait to see what you do next, my friend!


Much appreciated my friend :) And thanks for the video, glad you enjoyed!

This game was TERRIFYING max horror you know exactly what you are doing keep it up! worth every penny! Thank you to those who check out the channel in advance😎🙌🏼!

Thanks for the kind words my friend! :) and thanks for making the video!

This was great, I had fun with this one! 
I left a little game theory at the end! 
I liked that it was straight into it too. 
I would have loved to have seen more about what these "Mole men" were.
Here is my playthrough, with my feedback at the end! 

Much appreciated, Thanks for playing!

nice game!

Thanks! :)

Anxiety inducing phenomenal game! 

I specifically bookmarked the game, so I could be able to watch the playthrough and judging just from the footages, the project is masterfully done. Taking huge inspirations from Outlast and P.T., the tense atmosphere elevated everything. 

Truly bizarre and fantastic. Can't wait for more games Max. Best of luck with the future developments. Cheers! 

Thanks so much for the kind words :) Glad you enjoyed it.

This is a pretty dope game!! Very well made! 

Here's a gameplay if anyone is interested! 

Please consider liking the video and subscribing to my channel if yall enjoyed it! Thanks!

Thanks bro, and thanks for the video :)

This game gave me a few scares and almost made me want to quit due to how intense and terrifying it was.

Thanks for playing bro, great video!


Thanks my friend, working on another one!

what is updated?

Nothing much, just removed some some fog on a level.

Thank you so much for this awesome game Max. 5/5

THanks for playing and the video my friend!

MAX... te odio y te adoro al mismo tiempo jajaja..

juego muy bueno, como siempre sabes donde asustar a la gente

Thanks bro!


haha brooo I LOVED your game!! I still haven’t uploaded a video yet but I’ve made a snippet 😂😂🤟🏽. KEEP THEM COMING 

Thanks friend! Much appreciated! :p

Hey Max Horror I'd love to play your game but it's very glitchy on obs. Let me know when you have a vsync update and I'd love to play it :)

I think I have added an Options for Vsync now in the options menu. Check it out and let me know if it helped.

Hey I appreciate that :). I will try it tomorrow.

Hey Max, this was a lot of fun and thank you again for adding vsync it really helped with showing off your game. Why do we never listen when people say "I wouldn't go in there". Looking forward to more games from you :)


Thanks bro! :) much appreciated. Glad the Vsync worked out.

Another nice horror game max horror . its been a while and its nice to play your latest game. dark tales mole men. i really enjoyed the game and it was very creepy and terrifying. 

Thanks bro! Nice to hear, Can't wait to watch your playthrough! Thanks.

Aayyy, so happy I've made it back to gaming in time for your new game! I'm looking forward to giving this a playthrough, it looks good! 

Thanks Meeka, Can't wait to see a video :p