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Honestly it was ALOT better than expected. not bad at all.

This game was awesome, serious Outlast vibes.

what a brilliant horror game, it terrified me. The audio in particular really threw me off which I guess was the intention!

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wich system can run it???1!

This game is pretty scary the build up was perfect. good game. Keep up the good work.

This game was extremely scary! I really did enjoy it! I did end up finding a bug. I got stuck against a curtain in the room full of bodies. Also some words or capitalized that really shouldn't be and "have" needs to be switch to "has". Overall very good game! one of the best and scariest on 

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I suggest you buy it too. :)

Not bad :)

And Thanks............

Celebrated Halloween with this game!
Amazing job! :)


I know it isn't what the game is meant but here enjoy anyway


i love it..

..and it loves you!

This was a short but sweet horror game just the right amount of jump scares and twist in the end.  The home screen got me good and the Doom reference <3

Definitely one of the best short horror games I've played. It was all about the atmosphere.

This game was perfect for a short Halloween special on my gaming channel. The sound design was really great (I really hated all the scary sounds so in a horror game that is a good thing lol). The graphics are amazing for a free game and the mechanics really worked for this! Also this is a perfect mix, for me atleast, of horror/scary and funny. So thank you for this game!

I feel betrayed. The intro was so fun I thought it was going to be a chill horror game. Didn't expect how it went, and I have to say loved this. The sound design, glorious. The jump scares, magnificent. Hats off to you! 

Great intro and good mechanics!

Had a great time with this game! I played it in my video

What a game to play during Halloween great game to finish off the month of October well done.

My bones were thoroughly rattled. That girl at the end needs to get bit.

Just played the game with some friends, It was really fun!

Fun, frightening, and almost an exact recreation of my experience in a hospital very much like this. Expect a lawsuit coming your way mother f***er. Yer done, bud. Top-quality game though, keep it up!

This was super impressive.  I loved the room with the subject jamming out to some metal.



Another great game. I see a huge improvement since The Book and I love that it features in this game :) Thanks again Max Horror!


Yo this game was good ! wish it was longer

Your games are improving ALOT! I am loving the direction you're taking and can see these going a long way.

Definitivamente lo jugaré, ya comento que me parece, pero se ve bien, sólo una cosa, el color rojo de esta página deja un poco ciego, pero todo bien jaja, dejen su ward

you make some good games man! keep them coming!

Thanks buddy!


There's a little bug here. But the graphics, horror feelings, and jumpscares are incredible. Please watch it and Subscribe!

Thanks for playing!

cumple lo que promete. buen juego

Gracias por el comentario <-- I think it was correct? Thanks for the comment!

It's not letting me download the game :

That is weird indeed. It should work fine.

im trying to download it through the app idk if that may be messing with it? i tried downloading a different tittle from yours and it says the same thing. I can still download other games on the app tho  :o

cannot read property of build? I googled it, And yea it seems It can sometimes happen with downloading from the app, try the website.

I downloaded an app on my computer called Winrarx64 and it will help you download games like these! Hope this helps!

Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

Ayo Max, Can't wait for your future projects after playing this game. It was really fun to play, man really locked me in a room with a deformed screaming monkey lmao 

Thanks bro! :)


No problem

Thank you for the geniunely frightening experience! It's well layed out. Only 2 things I'd say felt weird for me was I wanted to be able to adjust some graphics(Mostly motion blurr, it's a cool effect but doesn't rly work for me). And some of those doors were only paintings on the wall, I'd at least like them to "push back" like the other doors did xd

But yeah, you really pulled off the ambience very well and the entire place feels like a looming danger, and I can feel the wind brushing against my face outside xd

Maybe I would've had the ambience sounds be less frequent, having something like maybe buzzing of lights or raining to embrace the silence, and then the sounds occurring around danger would make it feel more scary to experience them overall. Which means here and there a "fake sound" can exist as well, but pairing most of them with something actually happening can make it even more frightening

Those jumpscares rly got me, great job man!

Thanks so much :) I think the motion blur is probably a optimization thing, since I don't add it to the game my self.

The ambience in this game was great! Was pleasantly surprised at how well everything meshed, looking forward to your next project! 

Thanks my friend!

This is actually a solid experience. Very short, less than 10 minutes to complete, but very polished in the graphics and gameplay department!


Glad you enjoyed!

I actually really like this experience. I will be looking out for another release from you! Heres my gameplay,


Awesome game man! You definitely got me in a few spots! I could tell you love to set a mood with all them damn sounds lol. I will be looking for the next installment for sure.

Really enjoyed this game! The quality was off the charts, the sound was excellent, and the visuals were top-notch! Easy to follow, but still lured you in! Well done Max Horror!

One small suggestion would be I don't believe the timed horror sound effects were all that necessary, or rather, they weren't all that necessary to run throughout the entire gameplay. Just a suggestion though! :)
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