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Loved the game kept me on my toes the whole time! Did good on this one!


Thanks man :) Glad you enjoyed.

LEGIT THE SCARIEST GAME I'VE PLAYED ON THIS WEBSITE reminds me of a AAA horror game! here's my  reaction to it its around 5 minutes. 

Thanks bro, That is awesome! Thanks for playing and the video!

Idk why but I was having a hard time running the game smoothly. The jittering you see in the video was what was actually happening while playing. That was by far the worst part for me. If I had to give any criticism on the actual game itself I think it would be that the pacing is very fast, at least it was for me. There wasn't a lot of time for good spooky buildup you know? That being said, it still got me good at one point lol.

Cool short horror experience! It got me really good at one point lol. I know it's a free game so I really can't complain but if you want my thoughts on the game to possibly help with future games I'd be happy to share! The biggest issue for me was the performance for whatever reason. The jittering that you see in my video is what was actually happening during gameplay. Really took me out of it but probably more of an issue with me than anything. The only thing I wasn't a fan of with the game was the pacing. Everything was going by so quickly that I didn't really have time to get that spooky buildup going. I do like the bit of puzzles that were there and the small scripted events were fun. I'm still very appreciative of the work that went into this though and I did have fun overall!

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Thanks bro, Im sorry for the optimization issues, I really felt I did everything I could on that part this time. Everything was green when looking through it and I was running 120+ fps my self. But I do see some still having issues with performance.

If you got the time, Can you tell me your Pc specs?

The Pacing I agree and is aware of. Here at first, I make these games to learn really. Not so much to make a blockbuster game hehe

Sure thing! If I missed something let me know. I think these are all the specs

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6

16GB ram

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

Thank you for taking the criticism well also. I was hoping nothing came off offensive because I definitely did not want to offend at all.  I appreciate all indie developers. Especially putting out a game for free??? Can't really complain lol. I just like to give my opinion of the experience in case it helps you out at all.


Constructive feedback is always welcome, that only helps. Even if I don't know yet how to fix the issues its nice to know there is something to be aware of :) Im still learning so I will try and figure it out. Keep up the good work buddy.

Thank you, you as well!

Running around like a chicken with the spooky sounds and the black pits of earth around me. save us all 

Save us all indeed!

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Cool game man. Earned points with me just for dancing in the game menu. =) Congrats.

Thansk my friend!

Nice game! ❤️ But it's not good it's super scary. 🤦‍♂️


Scary is good!

Okay! 🙂👦



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Great game. Loved the intro. I felt like dancing along. Would love to see more. I think this game could be much longer and be very successful. What you have here is very creepy. 

hehe thanks bro!

If it was me I would have just noped... and got back in my car and went home. Creepy mental hospital in the middle of the night, of course nothing bad could happen. Amazingly creepy game that spooked me quite a few times. Keep up the good work! 

Always hit the mysterious Mental hospitals up at night right? :)

Awesome short game, i hope you continue to make games! i suggest giving it a shot if you're debating it. If you can check out my playthrough and maybe subscribe it'd mean so much to me, Have a good day :)

And a good day to you aswell! Thanks for playing

really good game. cant wait for more updates :) keep it up!!

Thanks for playing!

Awesome little game! Great work. Also, the menu music inspired me to spit some bars LMAOOO. Much love, yall. 

Very nice! :) hehe

Haha, thanks my friend :)

Haha, thanks my friend :)

Very nice game! All the other praise on this page is well-deserved; the sound design was excellent, and the setting tense. Deserves more credit than the simple little description on the page! Thanks for sharing it with us, bro.

Thanks bro, means a lot!

I absolutely loved playing this. The music and background noises were so near perfect that it made me constantly think something was there when it wasn't both in terms of timing and intensity, The only other game I have ever played that had comparable quality sound effects was Amnesia The Dark Descent.

Thank you bro! Thats so nice to hear.

This was one of the better horror games I have played here. 5/5 stars.


Thanks man!

Hi I am trying to download but it downloads as an internet explorer file and it doesnt do anything.  :-(

Sorry I would not know why that is, No one else seem to have reported that issue.

That was pretty cool, man. The atmosphere was so creepy that I was expecting the worst to happen at any moment haha. Nice job, dude! Keep up the good work!


Thank you my friend! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Subject 65 "Konu 65"(Full Game) - YouTube

It's a great pleasure to play this game

Glad you enjoyed it!

Check out my playthrough of this great game! I really think you should add more after the vent, maybe the vent could take you to a creepy basement area!

But great work, was an honour to play! 



Thanks Brandon!

Interesting concept and I cant wait to see what else you make in the future, this showed great potential and i had decent fun with it, Thank you for the experience!

Thanks bro, thanks for playing

Ok this got me.. Lost the key from the vending machine, But after a restart it was fine. The rest was good and creepy. Great Work.

Thansk man, and thanks for the video

Another great game from you! Always seem to scare me each time! Keep it up :) 

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Thanks so much! 


Nice graphics, spooky atmosphere, loved it!

Thanks so much :)

Wow! Max Horror Strike again with an awesome game. 5/5

Thanks my friend! Much appreciated!

Great! I liked it! Special thanks for the reference to the DOOM game!))) 

There was a problem at the beginning of the game with the key from the slot machine. I picked it up, but I couldn't open the door, I had to replay it. And so everything worked cool!

Thanks so much my friend. I am still learning the engine so It is all still a bit rough for me. But means a lot coming from You indeed.
A bit weird with the key not working I have no idea what could cause that. But bugs are always a thing right? :) 

When I picked up the key, the inscription did not appear that the key was picked up and I did not understand where to use it. I had to watch the video with the passage and then I realized that there was a bug. You're getting good at mastering the engine! Keep up the good work. I had this bug once, I think it's just an accident))

Thanks and you keep up the good work aswell! :)

i really enjoyed this! graphics are good and the game play was also good! i liked the coin bit and the placements of the keys. kinda small puzzles to find the keys, i liked it. 

Thanks bro! and thanks for the video

not bad! nice little horror treat, really liked the atmosphere

Thanks mate! Appreciate it

Absolutely awesome! Had me nervous a lot of times. Great atmosphere! Well made game ! Game here: 

 Please subscribe!!

Thanks my friend! Also nice intro!

Thank you very much !

Loved it the scares really got me isnt to easy to scary me 

Nice Thanks bro! Thanks for playin

I saw a new Max Horror game and got excited! Is the book in the TV room the same book from The Book game? 👀 Loved it and can't wait for the next one!

Yes same book asset I used :) Thanks for playing my friend!

[Gameplay en español]

It has been an excellent experience playing this game. The intriguing and spooky story, just like the whole place. Good job! :D


Gracias my spanish friend :)

Your games seriously keep getting better and better! The pacing is absolutely perfect, such a good flow of the game that makes the whole experience very enjoyable straight through to the end! Fantastic work!

Thanks bro, and yes it was the doom music playing in that room. Thanks as always for the vid. Keep it up

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I thought of you as a Horror Content Creator, I didn't expect you actually create indie horror games. Thanks for this anyway its free. 


I am trying to learn it. I have no background in developing games, so its YouTube tutorials to try and learn hehe

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bug report: I used coin to vending machine but no hallway key on the floor

and is it possible to add graphic option?

Hmm I guess it can in theory go under the vending machine, since it drops with physics. But its nothing ive seen before. Did you retry and it appeared for you? also did you hear the "key drop on floor sound"? :)

I restarted the game and it is working fine now

yes I think I heard the key drop sound

Yea I will see if it becomes a big problem, It is because its physics based, it can be an unlucky drop. About the option settings, I guess i should try and get used to implement those.. :) been lazy to learn that part.

another bug stuck here

How the f.. did you get there? :)

Another great game my friend.

Thanks bro! And thanks for the video!

Had to re-upload I did it in 25 fps instead 60fps new vide here.

Thanks! :)

Awesome game! ✌✌✌✌

Thanks mate! Appreciate it

Very spooky. Loved the dancing guy.

Thanks :) yea felt like adding something to the menu screen like that hehe. The room with the doom music was also suppose to play some Glory kills on tv. But I guess i need to find the bug why that wasn't working.

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Nice Game Max Horror 

Hopefully one day I can get some tips and tricks from you with Horror game/Youtube Advice 

Wish The Best To U 

Thanks bro. Thanks for the video. Keep it up it was great.

It was ok!Fun!


Thanks man!

This was great! Really nice build up of tension throughout, was a lot of fun to play


hehe thanks my friend :)

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