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I've been trying to play but it isn't letting me (saying cannot read property of build) , I've even been trying to extract the rar file but still not, I play on windows 10

did you download from Itch App or website? I tried to google the problem, and it seems a bit random.

Hey man, first time with a indie horror game and I can say that I had a great time, definitely will check out your other games.

Thanks bro

error during installation  "cannot read property of build"

Windows only, Which system do you use?

Downloading from Itch app or website? seems it can happen when using the app. But i dont really know.

pretty good. I liked the atmosphere of this.


Thanks bro

Another great game! Loved the atmosphere and the sound effects. No clue why the intro music went this hard but it did and I loved it 

Thanks my friend :) Great video

This is an interesting start to this game, the graphics are great I really enjoyed how it looked. The game played well and mixed comedy with horror well also for a start it balanced those too very well, the sound design is good and envelopes you into the experience. Cont. in the description!

Thansk man! 

Hi Max Horror, thanks so much for making this game, yet another fun terrifying game full of jumpscares, I gotta say though that I found a couple of bugs in the game, like the vending machine key disappearing and not letting me move on to the next section of the game, but overall it was really enjoyable and you definitely got me scared. Keep up the great work!

Sorry about the bugs, They have their own life sometimes :)

I Liked it can't wait for more XD

This was the best of the 3 games from itch that i streamed together. The footage for this game starts at about 24 minutes.

The ambience in this game was great! Was pleasantly surprised at how well everything meshed, looking forward to your next project! 

May be the best of all the ones I've played in my series this month. Very good overall. I have critiques but solid and polished are two strong words to describe this game. 


Nice game bru very cool XD

wow nice game your game is so good

keep it up man

Thanks my friend!

This was a really well made and a very fun horror game! The story, voice acting and the simple progression was really well done and straight forward. The stuff in between were well placed so that it didn't feel like there was a long gap between the interesting or scary parts (except the bathroom part, though the Easter egg was nice!) 

You absolutely nailed the sounds! Whenever there was a sound, it was genuinely scary and it added to the atmosphere so well and made everything seem that much scarier! And the small map really helped focus in on the main parts of the game and elevate those scares as well.

One 'glitch' I found was that you could get stuck in the hung body room, not sure if that was just me doing something dumb but thought I might as well write it here. Another I saw was that the monster duplicated itself at the vent area if it catches the player; I saw the monster standing behind its jumpscare body.

Other than that, it was a great, great game! Unexpected main menu and faced paced with plenty of Easter eggs and good scares. You've done a great job and have improved a lot since The Book!

Thanks so much :) really happy you enjoyed this little game. Fuel for making more. Thanks.

Thank you very much and I look forward to your next game!

Thank you!


I had a blast with this one

Glad you enjoyed it :)

It was alot of fun recording this gameplay and LOVED the DOOM easter egg! 

hehe thanks! :)

I encountered a bit of a bug in the beginning of the game with the key, but other than that it was another hit of a game! Loving all the games you've put out! 

Thanks my friend :) I will keep trying to improve.

No problem! I look forward to more games!

This game was so loud, but honestly it was super good and I would love to see more!! 

Thanks bro


The game on the screen and the music is from Doom Eternal :)

Not a bad game at all, personally i didn't find it very scary though. I'm looking forward to seeing you grow as a developer though and if you want to watch, here's my video below! 

Tough making a legit scary game, but I will keep trying hehe :) Thanks for playing

really cool game liked it a lot. can't wait to play more games from you!

Thank you!

Отличная работа! Как всегда)

Thanks for the video!

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Comments below the clip;

Great game, right from the get-go. From the way the controls are laid out over the pavement at the start, to trying to escape at the end, and the texturing of everything else, a superb job.

My only beef is the one I have with most horror games; it is all too predictable. Because of that, I'm fully prepared for whatever is thrown at me [by you and many others], thus everything that's supposed to startle me [most people use the word 'scared' here, but that's a misnomer, imho], simply doesn't work, because I expect it to happen.

Maybe, if possible, you could watch some Japanese horror movies, like 'The Ring' where the scare factor is way more subtle and hopefully inspires you to greater heights  [horror-wise].

I say this, because I am very impressed by the looks and feel of this game, as it looks all very high-end. Great job, Max Horror.

Despite the above, I highly recommend playing the game and show Max some [$$$] love.

Thanks bro, I agree with you and I am aware of the issue, BUT if the game is more subtle people complain nothing happens, so its a damn fine balance to find between the jumpscares and the atmosphere only parts. But it is easy to fall into the "usual suspect" and becoming predictable, especially towards real horror fans with a lot of experience hehe.

But I am watching all the videos and reading all the feedback, and I will try and improve for when i start a more serious project. But I can't promise that some parts won't always be a bit predictable.

Thanks again for the feedback and the video :)

@ Max Horror,

Every day, the sun rises in the morning and eventually sets in the evening. It has done so for billions of years [without our interference], so, I'm fine with that.

That's real life. But I also realize, that when the sun rises or sets for me, on the other side of the planet, for someone else, the exact opposite is happening. So, although completely different experiences, both individuals are right [in what they witness].

Never mind the people that go negative on you. There isn't a single youtube clip out there, without negative votes. Those are the snowflakes without self-esteem, that get  a hard-on doing so anonymously. Simply ignore them. You are doing [and have done], a great job. You entertained me for over 10 minutes, for free.

I immensely appreciate your [and others] effort to do so.

As such, I'm in your corner and defend you and your work.

It is impossible to satisfy everybody at the same time, so the most important thing in life is to satisfy yourself and be happy [with it].

I am looking forward to your next installment. In fact, I found 1 more of your games I didn't play [The Book] and am going to download and play that as well today. Then I've played all your 3 games.

Again, thanks for all the time and effort you put into producing your games.

I, for one, sincerely appreciate it.

Great job! A bit cliché, but your gamemaking skills are really coming along. I truly believe you'll make a fantastic horror one day.

Not just a bit, but very cliché ;) Thanks buddy, and thanks for the video. I will try and make a real one next, But I can't promise it won't be a bit cliché always, cause you know.. its horror right? :)

Hello, I played this game and I liked it, it was short and sweet, although 'What Happened At The Farm?' is definitely your best project so far imo, looking forward to your future projects, good work Max :)


Thanks so much! These are my practice projects hehe. I will see if I can improve for next one. Thanks for playing and for the video.

Had a little too much fun playing this

Success! :) Thanks for playing

nice work, Stream loved it. 


Awesome and Thanks to you and the stream :)

This game was very terrifying! Great game and awesome voiceacting!

Thanks bro, glad you enjoyed!



This was a great experience. The voice acting was a nice touch, and even simple details like putting the control on the walkway instead of on a menu on the Start screen made this game feel unique. I liked the feeling of having to explore, and yet never feeling hopelessly lost. Games can quickly become frustrating when the horror becomes lost amidst the search for the next key or the next room to go, and this game was simple and sweet in that each room offered visual cues as to where you should look. Cool exterior design of the facility! My only note is that if there is a way to die in this game, I didn't find it! I mean, at first sign of the monster I'd turn tail and run so maybe I just made all the right moves, but if death is impossible in this game, I would definitely say add it as a way of increasing the tension in an already very-tense game that had me exploring my upper octaves :) thanks so much! You have great talent and I encourage you to keep making games!

Thanks mate, You can die on the part where the creature climbs out of the vent. Other than that its just the few scares :) Thanks for playing.

This was a fun and tense short horror. Entering a bathroom in your games makes me very nervous - LOL. I also got a kick out of the intro and the dancing doctor. I've really enjoyed the demos you have put out so far - can't wait to see more of these or a full version game in the future. Great work Max Horror! 


Thanks! and thanks for the video!

I really enjoyed this game, it was great!

Thanks bro! Much appreciated

It really plays into some tropes, but it was pretty fun and had some good scares to it. The hallway scene got me pretty good.

It's the second game I played in the video.

Thanks for playing :)

MY MAN MAX!!! I finally got to play one of your games and it was awesome! It's so cool to see a fellow YouTuber make not only videos but also GAMES!?!? This game deserves all the support it's getting, keep up the great work my dude!

  - CrazyCheesePuf

Thanks for playing bro! :) 


where did you get the wraped hanging bodies from. been looking for something just like that for a game idea i have.

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On the unreal engine market place. Called Horror Props

thank you

Though short, it was a great and memorable experience. The tension alone is at a high 10 and had me sweating the whole entire time. Well done Max Horror! You are a true advocate of horror.

Thanks my friend! :) Glad you enjoyed the short experience. Thanks for the video.

Nice game

Thanks bro!

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Max Horror comment on my video, I am going to pin you. I love this game a lot! It is pretty terrifying! Thanks for making it!

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