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Had a great time playing this. Atmosphere was great too!! 



windows said this application isn't do i get a $1.00 refund

Its perfectly safe, ask anyone that have played it.


if your game was perfectly safe, I imagine it would be on Steam, Epic games, Ubisoft, or EA games... obviously it failed their safety test. 

I will upload it to steam eventually. But it costs 100$ to release on steam. Its funny that no one ever complained before though right? :)

most games on itch do that

Most games on Itch do this. Why are you here if you're worried about games not releasing on major platforms? If you're worried about one dollar, you have other problems you should focus on.

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Really goooooooood

OMG the game was so good man keep that up i love you as a developer

Fun game & would love to see more. I did seem to have a bug or something as there was only two times that I would sprint.

You are really good at creating an unsettling atmosphere! This game got me so many times! LOVED IT!

yet again making another good horror i've played most of your horror games by now and so far all have been great, with this one being no different. 

the scares were great and the atmosphere and sound was amazing. can't wait to play more of your games.

nice game.

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Fantastic game Max!! 

Keeeep it going!!

This game has been a pleasure to play. Very entertaining. some gameplay here: 

Great Jump Scares! thank you, hope to see more soon 

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Hi there, have you looked at Game Jams?
It is a great way to broaden your skills.
We have one coming up that is for Unreal devs

I was so happy to see this game finally released! The demo of They Are Here was phenomenal.
I loved that the developer kept a chunk of the demo in the beginning with some lovely changes to it. Even with it being a short game, it still was able to grip my attention and leave me wanting more!

I do hope that there are more from this series in the future!

Heres My playthrough Great game i cant wait for more Games Thankyou

Another terrifying game from Max Horror.

You set a high bar with Subject 65 and The Apartment. This one was just as good! Scared the sh*t out of me.

Check out my video.

Great Job Max Horror, cant wait for your next project

Absolutely love it! Great atmosphere, great scares, great graphics ^^

I didn't quite understand the story, especially the last part, but it was a cool game and had fun playing. My personal preference of the game was to have the options of either fighting or hiding somewhere rather than having to run to a specific area. Thank you!

I played the demo and it had potential. The full game fulfilled expectations and loved it. Great job! 

Terrifying! Fire game, Max Horror!

Another classic by Max Horror! Great work on this game! I love alien encounter games, I feel like there are not enough good ones! Enjoyed this sweet game! Below is my gameplay! 

Thanks friend! :)

Interesting game there Max. Loved it though the writing of it is a lil weak but i had fun on this. I call these guys Molemen. Normally I ask if the dev could share out the video for more exposure but since you are a youtuber as well you do't need to. Thanks for the game. 

Thanks bro, Yea I really struggle with the story telling hehe sorry about that, I am not very good at this game making business, but it is a small hobby :)

All I gotta say is keep it up. You are doing great. 

The atmosphere in this game is well done, it makes you feel tense! I had played the demo before and this complete game has been enjoyed. Good job!

I absolutely love this game dude! If anything it left me hungry for more! Well done man! The atmosphere and sounds are so intense its unreal. The jumpscares was tasteful. The chase scenes had me pretty much proplasing lol. Loved it and want more. I sincerely hope you stop making short games and make one long one.

If you wanna see my fuckin' nightmare of an experience then please check out the mindfuck that is my video below!

That was a lot of fun. He got me pretty good when i made a wrong turn in the basement haha. Great job, dude! Your games are always badass!


Thanks so much bro! Thanks for the video!

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Actually they are grey :) 


Max!!!!! Absolutely love this game was so fun! Thanks for creating it! 

Thanks bro, means a lot to me, I was really nervous releasing it. 


this one is actually pretty scary. liked it a lot! 

Thanks so much and thanks for sharing the video!


Absolutely awesome Max! Definitely loved the atmosphere and graphics. It chugged on the frame rate a bit, but still got through it! Great job as always! Game here: 

Subscribe if you haven't lol!

Thanks bro, glad you enjoyed, I really need to work on some settings for my projects, I can see that.


This was great! Glad to see the full release.

Thanks a lot!


I thought that all of the stuff added into this and changed from the original paid off very well! The alien monsters always felt threatening and it all blended together very well! I do wish we had the option to actually fight the aliens instead of just showing them dead. Also I wish there was an option to lower or raise graphic quality just so it's easier to record for content creators. That didn't stop me from enjoying this great horror game though!

Thanks bro, Yea I need to work on Settings in future projects.


Honestly a fun horror game, I can’t get over the monsters just tearing through walls in the game. It feels funny from the players perspective but would be horrifying that at any point the monster shoots through the wall. Sit down on the couch and it flies at you through the tv. Also loved how they messed with the player underground, the fact they can lure the player is creepy.

Thanks Meeka for playing, you shall get my daily like on that video! :) hehe

Anyways, It seemed to be lagging a bit, How was your experience with that? All this optimizing is still a big puzzle for me, I do everything in my power to optimize but it still seem to affect some people.

The game itself wasn't too bad when playing, but I noticed it was slightly laggy on the OBS side; usually I've found with other games using a VSync or a frame cap option helps it capture smoothly. Not sure if that helps :) 

Thanks Meeka, I shall examine those options and learn about that, for future projects!

No problem, great job on the game again! 


Visually the game is nice, and the sound effects are very creepy. It's a bit tricky in some places, but not too complicated. Hope you'd enjoy it c: 

Thanks so much for playing! 


I keep die from chasing monster in the bunker

After the NPC die?

yeap maybe you should adjust this little bit

I just played the section, I had no problems, Once the game turn you around, quickly turn back around and run to the end of the hall the room ahead will keep you safe, just run into it. Try again and let me know.

I faced the other side(not the door) and it worked haha

Yea I force the player to turn around toward the monster to confuse a bit :) glad you made it.


Why doesn't the picture on the wall turn?

It will when you are suppose to do it. 


How can I turn the picture on the wall? I tried many times and checked the note on the side of the iron gate and it didn't work either

I just tested it, It should work, Did the monster break through the wall yet?