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It was a pretty well made game, kinda scared me some times lol.

Btw, here is my video. I'm a random brazilian guy who likes to play indie horror games (gameplay in portuguese).

Thanks for the game and opportunity!!


Number 10, 5 stars, good game

Comments below clip;

The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning...?

Failed project?

I have to disagree, for it played out too well.

Like my granddad used to say, "Compare an articulate presenter of disinformation to an ignorant individual who is simply wrong."

Loved playing your game, so don't give up, just keep going. A baby first crawls, then gets up, starts walking, and in the end it can run.

For a game you abandoned then just slapped an ending onto, it played really well. Thanks for sharing it with us!

hi, big thx for the great vreepy game. i love it. greetings from rosti 👍🥰

slow burn! the scariest of all the horrors

Very interesting and managed to scare me, good job.

olá sei que esse não é o jogo do desenvolvedor aqui em cima porém queria que você desse uma passada no meu canal e visse esse jogo incrível
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hi, check out my games, give me a rating, thank you, I just did it with durg all year!

After playing Subject 65 I knew I had to play some more Max Horror games! I really liked this one, it had the perfect scary vibe with it mixed with just enough jumpscares for a short horror game!

This video is the full gameplay + a small review of the game!

this is a cool little horror game! was creepy with some good jump scares! 


Its the first game on my video. This game was fun to play. Got jumpscared a few times LOL Not bad for a unfinished project good job dev.

Great game I got so scared I had to quit lol 

hehe awesome! :) Thanks for playing bro, even if you did not make it to the end.

No problem :)

Good game dev! Especially for it to be somewhat rushed, I was really immersed and scared lol. Enjoy the video :)


Thanks bro, thanks for the video!

Really enjoyed this. just LOOK REAL Fear on my face lls

Loved every bit of this game! Any roots wanna grow near my apartment are getting STOMPED OUT on site lol. Looking forward to what's next!

Best solution is the stomp solution! :) good job bro

I wasn't ready for the scares in this game! Good job Max! A little clunky in some areas, but overall it was great! 

yea clunky is my middle name when it comes to my games hehe Thanks for playing

Haha but they are great games! I look forward to more games that you make! 😁

What a well thought out game! Gave me thrills and chills! Nice work! That first jumpscare was cheeky! :)

hehe glad you enjoyed my friend :)

loved the jumpscares, I got scared by a coat rack not once but twice lol 

Its them evil coat racks! :) funny video, thanks for playing.

I LOVED the The Book cameo, I think you really don’t have to mention that you slapped an ending on but then again, this way, everyone goes in, expects a fun mess and then gets blown away by this juicy little game. I loved this, you have a great sense of creating stories that hint at a somewhat sinister universe. And as much as I liked The Book, I think is already a step further, so I can’t wait for what comes next. 


I wanted it to be longer. That is what I mean with the slapping the ending on. So that is why it suddenly just ends in the basement hehe, Sometimes when you replay your own game over and over for 1000 times you can get really tired of it all. Some of the same assets are used in the basement as in the book, that is why it looks similar btw :) Thanks for the playthrough and the kind words.

Ah ok, that explains it. But honestly, as a player I would never have thought it because it feels very rounded. I actually think that these same assets make it appear like it all plays in the same universe which I personally love, especially since both games have this end-of-times vibe that would fit into a universe like ours that is just a little more cursed :D

I've just downloaded, looked fun to play, it bugged for me at the bathroom scene, all went black, couldn't move the lighter was buggy and kept going on and off. Restarted the game, but still the same. Sad about that as I would like to have seen the end :( 

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Is it cause you falling through the map I wonder? I have seen that a few times before on other videos. If the player steps on the toilet rolls they can go through the wall in the bathroom! Anyway if you decide to try again. You don't need to go to the bathroom at all to progress. Its just a jumpscare scene thingie :)

Also a simple pushing of F once should turn the lighter on and off. Maybe there is a slight delay with animations, but one push should do it.

It did seem like I went into the abyss haha, I'll definitely try again - I found in the void I could control the flame of the lighter with the wasd keys haha. Thanks Max :) keep up the good work.

Very creepy game once again. Great Job! 

Thanks bro!

there are so many roots growing everywhere!!! Good game by the way 😇👍🏾💯

Roots, the roots, ROOTS EVERYWHERE!

facts 😇💯

Hey Max, this was an awesome game! I saw a lot of potential on it! It is a shame that you couldn't proceed with developing it.

I really enjoyed it, and at the end of my video I share some of might thoughts on it.

Feel free to see it (or not - we always do that kind of stuff):

Keep trying, that's what matters mate!

Your video is unavailable to me

I put it as private because I launched other video today. Sorry for that!

The video will be available tomorrow!

It is now off, if you'd like to watch it.

Loved this mate. First game in the video! 

Thanks mate, thanks for downloading and playing

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this is a really interesting game. im glad that my pc can run this game lmao. also that menu screen jumpscare didnt get me lol.

hehe Thanks bro. We need more Menu scares in our life!

Your stuff is great. I really enjoyed this game. I can't wait to see more from you. 

Much appreciated bro, glad you enjoyed it!

Loved the unexpected jump scare! Great game!

Thanks for playing friend :) glad the door scare worked a little.

that was really not bad, it was fun ^^

Danke! :) Glad you enjoyed it.


Really nice horror game, enjoyed it!!

Thanks! :)

I looooove Max Horror's yt channel and so no wonder this game is amazing as well! Good job and I can't wait for more games from you! 

Thanks so much my friend! Loved your video on the game. Glad you scared you a little :p

Enjoyed the game and loved the scares and the horror atmosphere of the game cant wait for more games  

That was one big lad

he's been eating well ;)

I Actually really enjoyed this game! You know for a "failed Project" it was actually really good

Thanks buddy, glad you enjoyed even tho it was a bit short.

Not perfect but, still very fun. I always enjoy your games so I'm glad you released it!

as long as you enjoyed it im glad :)

I always do!

Very cool concept. You used the lighting to great effect.

Thanks for the video! :)

I was honestly really surprised at this game. I came in with low energy and by the end was happy I played it. There could be improvements but for what it is, wow. The atmosphere and art style really tied everything together and made it pretty spoopy. Thank you for making this!

Thanks for the nice comment, and the video :) Loved that it could scare you a little, mission accomplished. 

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Interesting idea execution was a little lacking overall I still had a fun time playing 

as long as you had fun bro! 

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